Texas Recidivism Rates & Prison Statistics

Texas has lowest recidivism rate  in the US.

Nationwide,  77% of those incarcerated for drug and alcohol related felonies will go back to prison again after release !  In Texas, however, the rate is far lower at 21%. Director Collier of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice points to an army of volunteers in prison chaplaincy programs, and explains, “We brought God back into our prisons.”

When Texas built most of the prisons in the 90s, they ran out of money before they built the chapels. If you see a state prison with a house of worship, it was probably built by the local community.

Here's how you can help.
Until the worship center is built, the chaplain and  volunteers in the Halbert Unit continue to use the cramped education rooms in the evenings. Often ladies must be turned away because there’s  not  enough space for them to worship or attend Bible studies.

 God is calling the Body of Christ together for a big purpose:  to build a dedicated place for these women to worship, learn and heal while they are here. That’s the sole mission of Joseph’s Hammer. The approximately 8200 sq. ft. worship center will be for daily use and activities overseen by the chaplain.

One time project. 
Once the worship center is complete, the building and maintenance will be the responsibility of the state. This is a one-time project for our faith community, and a real chance to leave your mark on souls for eternity.

Will you buy a square foot or more? 
We estimate the cost to be $134 per sq. ft. , so we are asking each family to buy at least one half of a square foot of the worship center-  at a cost of $67. 

Contribute online now to be a part of the prison ministry project.  Donate here.